BVCTV is operated by volunteers. The station manager, directors, camera crew, editing room personnel are volunteers. If you live in the Bella Vista area and are interested in joining this professional group, we would be glad to have your help. Please read the below FAQ's and information on how to get started volunteering!

Who should volunteer for BVCTV? Anyone with an interest in television production. BVCTV volunteers come from all walks of life. Our volunteers are professional adults, and retirees.

Do I need experience? No experience is needed! We will train you, if necessary.

How much time will it take? Some volunteers devote several hours each week, others give just a few hours every month.

How do I get started? Please fill out our Volunteer Form, or contact us so that we may send you one. We will contact you after receiving your information so that you can be scheduled for a training session.

Contact us at 479-855-4040 if interested or stop by the station on any Wednesday morning.

Already a volunteer? Sign up for one of our many upcoming tapings! We use many of the things we tape for training, so sign up today!