Our Purpose

The purpose of BVCTV is to inform, educate and entertain the residents of all ages in the City of Bella Vista via a public affairs broadcast medium; to provide news of Northwest Arkansas; to announce events of new and existing businesses, churches and organizations in Bella Vista and surrounding communities; and to provide knowledge of the television industry and operations to community youth and volunteers.

Our History

The original organization was called "The Public Access TV Interest Group", founded by the first chairman of BVCTV, George Phillips. A group of 10 individuals met for the first time on February 9, 1981, and was briefed on the activities of a TV station by a member of the Fayetteville Open Channel 2.

Our Organization

BVCTV is supported financially by grants, donations and memberships. We will continue to promote an increase in memberships, both in working members and supporting members. Supporting members include individuals, family, non-profit (Churches & organizations), business associates and grantors. Funding is required to cover our normal operation expenses as well as the need to continually update studio equipment in order to modernize TV production methods.

Our Goals

Our goals include the development of a program to increase our membership and our volunteer base, increase our involvement in P.O.A. activities, in addition to recording and airing the General meetings, development of an emergency communication plan to the viewers in the City, expand programming on health issues of vital interest to our community, introduce new programming to meet the needs of residents of all ages due to changes in demographics, design and implement plans to work with the youth of the community as well as making available video recording facilities to the community.